Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra

The competition between Apple and Microsoft has been running for over 3 decades now. Both the companies have come a long way ever since then and are still going strong. However even today, it is either of the two when it comes to a computer’s operating system. Although the war between Mac

Norton Security Review

We are currently in a highly computerized age and almost all our devices are electronic and run by use of computers. It is due to this fact that there is increased need to be cautious and put in measures to ensure that all out data is safe. Computers are susceptible to hacking

What Is Amazon?

Whenever we think of online buying of products and services, there is no doubt that there are a few names that have stood the test of time. Amazon is one such name and it is synonymous with online retailing, buying and selling of almost anything from a pin to plane. It is

iOS vs Android in 2019 – Which One Should You Choose?

In everyday life, smartphones have become our best friends, even at the pro level. But between Android and iOS, which system to choose? Apple or Android? In both cases, at equal scale, you will have a fast, efficient and convenient phone. But in reality, which one is best suited to your needs?