iOS vs Android in 2019 – Which One Should You Choose?

In everyday life, smartphones have become our best friends, even at the pro level. But between Android and iOS, which system to choose? Apple or Android? In both cases, at equal scale, you will have a fast, efficient and convenient phone. But in reality, which one is best suited to your needs? The fight of Titans can begin …

Like all computer objects, smartphones can have viruses or malware. And as on your PC, it is the download of applications that can make you vulnerable to these intrusions. On the Android side, the Google Play platform is reliable but the phones do not prevent the installation of downloaded applications outside the official Google store. Conversely, iOS prohibits any installation that does not come from the App Store. A big plus for the security of your smartphone!

Intuitiveness, Getting Started and Personalization
iOS is known for its ergonomics and ease of use. This is what Laurence, the leader of a beauty salon, tells us: “I particularly appreciate that updates are done automatically. Conversely, on Android, from one brand to another, the interface varies and my bearings are no longer the same. The iPhone also seems more rewarding.

Android is the king of customization. For the pro who likes to “hack”, these phones are clearly the best choice. And this time, it is Lionel, executive in the computer banking sector who agrees: ” My company has imposed an iPhone for work, while I have an Android phone for personal use. Without being opposed in principle to Apple, I must admit that I have trouble working decently on iOS because of the rigidity of the interface. Everything is certainly in its place but I like to adapt my interface to my needs .

Round 3: Apple Store vs. Google Play
With Google Play, you can remotely install the same applications on your PC, tablet and smartphone. And you can access his files from any terminal and any browser … Super convenient. Conversely, if you have an iPhone but want to work on a file from your PC, you will have to go through iTunes to access the Apple Store … Painful and time-consuming.

Finally, the apps available on the Apple Store are significantly more expensive than Google Play. For example, the Google Doc / Sheets / Slides solution is free and available on Android, while its iOS counterparts, Pages, Numbers and Keynot, are all paid and only available through the Apple Store.

In terms of design, Apple stands out because of its inimitable, simple and clean look. Glass, brushed aluminum: the materials are noble and elegant. Android phones have made tremendous progress in recent years. But with a huge range, made up of about twenty brands, it is sometimes difficult to navigate …

Impact resistance
Apple phones prove they can withstand shock if you give them a shell worthy of the name. But it’s sure it’s less sexy. With a rendering a little more “plastic” (with exceptions all the same for the high end of Samsung, worn on the glass), Android phones are more resistant to shocks on the edge. A good point for the pros on the move! Are you clumsy? Well there are top anti-tank hulls that reinforce the strength of Apple smartphones. Some specialized brands, like MTT, offer waterproof and very robust Android phones.

In the end, both are really good. For the choice, it will depend on what is essential for you! It’s up to you to see if you choose the ergonomics, the prestige and the stability of Apple or if you prefer the flexibility of use and the extensive personalization.

If Android offers a great freedom of use, it is not free of default for as much. The main criticism that one could make him, and, it is not really his fault, it is the overlay builders . Samsung in mind, but also present at Sony or Huawei and others (except Google Nexus). The manufacturers modify their Android image but make it heavier at the same time. Whether adding native features or apps, impossible to uninstall without root and that can slow down the performance of the smartphone.

Another disadvantage: the lack of follow-up updates . This is usually the fault of the builders, again. The deployment of new Android updates is often slow and is done on a case by case, by model, according to the good will of the manufacturers. And given the wide panel and the steady pace of Android phones releases, smartphones not that old, 2 or 3 years are often abandoned.

And otherwise, that says open OS, says high probability of virus. Therefore, it is IN-DISP-FR-SA-BL-E (it’s not easy to read the word as that eh!) To install a good anti virus . It’s also important to make the latest Android updates available for her phone as they often fix security vulnerabilities.

Android or iOS, which is the best OS?
In short, you will have understood it, there is not necessarily one OS better than the other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is above all a story of preference, according to needs.

And then, between us, the two tend to look more and more alike! The features are quite similar and you can do the same overall with your iPhone or Android smartphone. The appearance of 3D Touch on iPhone with iOS 10 was quickly imitated by Android, as was the multitasking that was long desired on iPhone / iPad before iOS 11, while well known on Android.

We won’t talk about performances because the race has been going on for a few years and it’s no longer really a criterion to decide between them. Equipped with iOS or Android, smartphones are just as powerful and efficient!

Especially since it is now very easy to switch from one OS to another without losing all your data. The manufacturers have understood this well! While it’s already easy to switch from one brand to another while staying on Android, it’s now easy to switch to iOS from Android and vice versa. Not crazy wasp! So you can enjoy all the pleasures of life and change smartphones at will. It would be silly not to test everything to get your own idea.

All we can tell you is that iOS or Android, from a repair point of view, it doesn’t change anything! It is mainly the model and brand that influence the disassembly. Even if the physical similarities of smartphones imply relatively similar disassembly in the end.

The iPhone remains, for the moment, one of the most easily repairable smartphones. When others, like Samsung, have decided to slightly complicate the situation over time.

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