Norton Security Review

We are currently in a highly computerized age and almost all our devices are electronic and run by use of computers. It is due to this fact that there is increased need to be cautious and put in measures to ensure that all out data is safe. Computers are susceptible to hacking and damage when malware is introduced. Presence of malware in computers may lead to loss, destruction or theft of personal data that may be very sensitive. As such, developers have come up with software that is able to locate malware in computers and destroy it. Different software types will be able to perform different functions and have different capabilities in detecting malware and eliminating them.

Norton Security

This is one of the best anti-malware software you can have to detect malware in your phone or device. The software has been tested and tried several times to prove its efficiency in finding and destroying malware. In one case, 300 malware samples were downloaded into a computer device and the software was installed to help identify them and destroy them. The software was able to successfully detect them and destroy 97% of them immediately. The rest were identified later and eradicated during the scans. This is a very impressive track record compared to other antivirus in the market today. The software is also able to detect malware in the internet browsers of the phone or device and stop them from entering the computer. However, the software is only able to do this if the security features of the browser and enabled.

More about Norton Security

When you purchase Norton Security anti-malware software, they come with several licenses. This means that you can install the software in many devices at the same time. At the same time, the software is compatible with a very wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktops and laptops and even tablets. This makes the software very convenient for malware detection and destruction. This is because you can install it in all your devices at the house for effective malware destruction.

In addition to scavenging for malware in your system, the software is able to scan all the other vulnerable points of the computer. For example, having outdated systems and software in your computer could make it more vulnerable. This is because the program or software may be a harbor or target for malware. Outdated software and systems are also at a higher risk of being hacked into and corrupted by installation of malware. The Norton Security antivirus will be able to find these outdated systems and scan them. In some instances, the software will prompt you to update these outdated systems to more secure versions. In addition, the antivirus software will install firewalls and other security measures in all your apps to ensure that they are completely safe from malware attacks.

There is also a very impressive feature of the software; parental control. This feature is available in the premium and deluxe versions of the software. This feature enables you to filter and block some content in the internet. Pornography, violence and drug related content can be easily blocked to ensure that you kid is not exposed to such content. You can also block gaming sites to encourage your kids to spend more time in studies and research rather than playing in the internet. This is a very helpful feature because in addition to protecting children from sensitive content in the internet, it also helps to limit the time spent in the internet.


Norton Security is software or a program that has been designed to find and destroy malware in computers and computer systems. It is among the very many software of its kind in the market day. When you are looking for the best antivirus software, it is important to be very keen and list out your needs. This way, you will find one that is functional, convenient and effective in malware destruction. Norton Security anti-malware is convenient because in addition to helping you eliminate malware in your device, it also helps you to filter or block content in the internet. This is especially beneficial to parents because they are able to control and manage the content their children are exposed to. With the ability to connect many devices at the same time and the multiple licenses available, Norton Security guarantees you the best anti-malware services.

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